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Our training includes obedience commands and behavioural modification programs


We are experts in our field and can help no matter what the challenge, whether it be teaching recall, walking on lead without pulling, rehabilitating your dog, handling aggression, teaching your dog to fetch or other handy new tricks


We believe firmly in a positive reward based training approach, no matter what the need


Our goal is to coach you to train your canine partner for the perfect harmonious balance between human and your four legged friend


We do 1-2-1 hourly sessions and we work with you at your home, pavement walking and in the park


We are one of the only dog trainers that come to you!

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Free Consultation

We visit you at home, spending an hour with you for your free consultation, with no obligation whatsoever

During this session we talk to you informally about you and your dog and we recommend the best course of action for you both to overcome the challenges that you are facing and what you want to achieve.

You can chose to book a course with us if you wish, or book a session or two to see how you get on with our training.

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Our courses have proved to be fantastic, with a high success rate


About Us


My name is Amanda and I want to firstly thank you for visiting my page and wish you all a warm welcome.

At Our Love For Dogs we are not only a local dog trainer, but dog behavioural specialists too. 


Let me tell you a bit about myself; I fell in love with dogs at a very early age, having been raised around them. The bond between human and our canine friends has always fascinated me, and learning how they think and behave has been a lifelong hobby. Dogs truly are a best friend and loyal companion. I would find life incomplete without a dog in it as I’m sure all fellow owners would agree.


I currently have my own dog Buddy, who is a Rottweiler crossed with a Collie and was his proud mummy when he was only 8 weeks old. Having trained him from a young age he is advanced in all the commands, can walk on the lead well and take instructions brilliantly.

It was always my passion to help others train their dogs after having trained my own, so here I now am with my own Dog Training  business which I'm proud to say has 100% success rate.

I have trained a large number of dogs from small to large, all different breeds, with all different challenges, including full on aggression to people, children, other dogs and pets. Even dogs and puppies that have had the worst start to life and have been subject to neglect, cruelty and abuse......


..... We help everyone!!

My commitment to you is to treat your dog as though it were part of my own family.


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07968 324220 




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